The Mission

The Belmont Hotel is an independently run boutique hotel situated in the heart of Leicester. Our creative team was invited to the hotel to discuss plans for a rebrand of their restaurant which was to be branded in autumn 2016 as: "David Ferguson at the Belmont Hotel". We met with both the General Manager and their Head Chef, David Ferguson himself, to discuss their thoughts and ideas on what they expected from the branding process.

20 De Montfort Square Leicester

The Creativity

In order to for us to deliver the best result for our clients, we like to immerse ourselves in their brand. We try and get our feet under the table, to ask questions that truly drive at the heart of the project so that when we walk back in to our office we really understand the client. We then have a definitive brief that ticks all the boxes and provides us with a reliable source for us to reference throughout the creative process. As part of this, we decided to sample the food and drink, take in the decor and soak up the atmosphere in our own time. This experience really helped and gave us additional ideas to reference that allowed us to visually represent the true feeling of the dining experience.

Restaurant MenuWine List

The Delivery

We put forward a number of ideas which started with the logo and ended with the menu and wine list. They really liked the relaxed look of the Ferguson in a red font from it's early stages in the development process as it clearly represented the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. Something they were eager to have represented in the final brand image. After developing the Ferguson font and a range of visual imagery such as the stylised cutlery and wine glasses, we set about populating the items which required rebranding. The 'F' from Ferguson, in particular, opened up many exciting possibilities for us to explore, especially on the menus as the tail of the 'F' continued from the front to the back of them. Acting as a subliminal arrow on the cover, its movement to the right provided an aid for the diner's eye to follow and encouraged them to open it, exploring the exquisite items on offer inside the menu.

Leicester city centreRestaurant signage
5 starDesert menu