The Mission

Teng Tools has an in house design and production facility but as an international company it often looks for outside ideas and help with developing its marketing material. ROR Creative supplies that outside assistance both for Teng Tools in the UK and for Teng Tools International.

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The Creativity

Teng Tools continually evaluate various ways of keeping their customers aware of the latest products and promotions on offer. From quarterly leaflets, yearly booklets and online brochures, Teng Tools rely on us to help them deliver artwork for print and online material that is customer facing. It needs to be attractive, informative and with many products on offer, easy to understand quickly.


The Delivery

Each item that is designed by us is individual, ensuring that the Teng Tools image remains consistent across all material, following their brand guidelines to ensure we achieve maximum customer brand recognition for them. After working with them closely for many years now, Teng Tools have also trusted us to provide marketing material that supports their customers in order to promote themselves and on these occasions, it need to fits to with their own brand guidelines as well. To find out more about Teng Tools, please visit their website here

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Teng Tools Q1 2017