The Mission

Teng Tools needed to refresh their catalogue so that it was more suitable for both stockists and end users with a simple clean layout that showed the features and benefits of their many unique products. At the same time it needed to be created in a platform that made it easy to add or remove products as the range was updated. It would also need to be provided in a format that could have different currencies, different languages and additional stock codes for specific customers.

Caterpillar corporation

The Creativity

Since 2015, we have been Teng Tools' designated agency for creating their international catalogues. Producing a clean layout that adheres to their corporate guidelines and providing artwork in the correct format for print and for use on their website. 

Printed catalogueSpanners and wrenches

The Delivery

The online catalogue can be viewed on their website and the printed catalogues are displayed in stores across the U.K. and Europe. Each product carries a description, price and code for reference, which can be updated each time the catalogue is produced. Our role is to design an attractive, easy to understand 464-page G5 booklet that covers all changes requested and delivered on schedule. Being one of the leading high performance tool companies in the world their image is important to them in order to attract customers who share their values and we're pleased to know that they trust us to deliver a quality product each time. To view their online catalogue, please their website here

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