The Mission | Rally De Portugal

We were contacted by Red Bull TV to provide a series of preview graphics material ahead of some specific 2017 World Rally Championship (WRC) events. The designs would be emailed worldwide to form part of their press release activity in the build up to each event. We were asked to be as creative as possible, while adhering to their brand guidelines and they needed us to supply the approved final layouts in PDF and JPG formats. The brief also required us to create an infographic which would sum up the event in one visual.

Carlos Sainz

The Creativity | Rally De Portugal

We researched previous events that were similar, looking at what other brands were doing to promote themselves through various media outlets and what Red Bull TV wanted to do to stand out from the others. After a few discussions we had a comprehensive brief and a firm idea of what they wanted us to produce before we started. One area that they wanted us to focus on was to create a single detailed infographic which would give a complete overview of what made Rally De Portugal so special. Each element of the infographic was created separately with sufficient detail to make sure that the message was clear, but it was also designed so that the audience really took note of the visual, taking in all its hidden detail.

Race trackBig Jump at Fafe

The Delivery | Rally De Portugal

The aim from our side was to create a piece of artwork which would be seen almost like a collector’s piece, something a bit different from what you would normally associate an infographic to be. The final layout was provided in English and German text and made available either as a full media download or with the option to access the infographic only. The press release was then emailed out worldwide a few days ahead of the race weekend as part of Red Bull TV's campaign to engage with the WRC audience and make them aware of the Red Bull TV app.

Red Bull TV PR

The Mission | Rally Italia Sardegna

The next event in the 2017 WRC took the teams to Sardinia and Red Bull TV were keen to build on the engagement it had achieved with its audience from the previous press release for Rally De Portugal. This time they wanted to try something a bit different. 


The Creativity | Rally Italia Sardegna

Formula 1 star Mark Webber was going to give his insight in to the rally weekend for Red Bull TV and they wanted to capitalise on his insight and his great interaction with fans around the world. The aim was to deliver an informative article which was going to be even more visually appealing. Our talented team created a caricature of Mark Webber and positioned him on a paddle board (as requested). We then showed what he thought about the two championship contenders and about how the audience could watch the race (using the Red Bull TV App). To add something to the story we also highlighted one of the things that Sardinia is best known for, ice creams. 

Mark WebberMark Webber cartoon

The Delivery | Rally Italia Sardegna

As before, the final layout was provided in English and German and made available to download either as a full media piece or just as an infographic on its own. Following the success of the previous press release, it was emailed worldwide a few days ahead of the race weekend and made available on social media platforms for WRC fans and Red Bull TV's audience.

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