The Mission

Working together with London agency, Mediatica, we were tasked to design a set of infographics for Pirelli that would be used on their social media platforms and mailing lists worldwide. The aim of the graphics was to generate interest amongst the public in the days building up to the 2017 FIA GT World Cup and to encourage fans to watch the race.

wet and slick tires

The Creativity

Infographics normally add a relaxed feel to any design, encouraging the audience to engage with the layout because they add a certain element of fun, but we wanted to develop infographics that you would not normally see. We decided to take them to the next level, creating professional graphics that would enhance Pirelli's brand. We looked at how they could be positioned by exploring different angles and by breaking some items apart in order to reveal more information. All the while aiming to deliver a more detailed story that would generate interest in a subject that the audience may not have been too familiar with.

Professional infographicsspeedometer, gears, brakes

The Delivery

The delivered set included one design that focused entirely on the Macau race and what made it such a unique track, while a second design compared the Macau track to another great street circuit, Monaco. Having submitted our approach, Pirelli was delighted with the final layouts and each design was supplied as a PDF and JPG for them to circulate across their target markets.

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